ATTENTION! - Landowners utilizing Connecticut’s PA-490 Farmland Tax Relief Program

While annual application and renewal are not required, the local assessor is charged with periodically ensuring that information is up-to-date and supports the current use status.

You will soon be receiving an information request in the mail with instructions from the Assessor’s Office.

It is important that you respond promptly since failure to do so may result in the declassification of your farm designation, resulting in a higher land assessment.

Further information can be found here. Public Act 490 - The Basics

Please contact the Bridgewater Assessor via email at or at 860-355-9379 if you have any questions.

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment to meet with office staff as we may be out on inspections or offsite training.  Thank you for your understanding.

Mission Statement

The Assessor's primary objective is to ensure that all taxable property located within a town is assessed in accordance with applicable law so that the appropriate share of the total property tax burden is shared by every property owner. To accomplish this objective, assessors must discover, list and equitably value all property within their jurisdictions. In addition, they are responsible for reviewing and approving various forms of property tax relief.

The result of these efforts is the Grand List: a record of all the taxable and tax-exempt property in a particular town. The assessor is required to complete and sign the grand list by January 31st of each year.

Your taxes are calculated by taking your assessment times the mill rate. The mill rate is determined by the yearly budget. The budget there for determines the yearly change in your taxes on a non revaluation year when you have not made any changes to your property. The mill rate for this tax year will be set in June.

The state of Connecticut mandates that Motor Vehicles be priced according to the NADA pricing guides and then assessed at 70% of the Retail value. 

Real estate assessments in Connecticut are calculated by taking 70% of the market value that is set as of the last Revaluation. Bridgewater's last revaluation was as of October 1, 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Bruce Parker Assistant to Assessor
Cory Iacino Assessor