Conservation & Inland / Wetlands Commission

The inland wetlands and watercourses of the State of Connecticut are an irreplaceable but fragile natural resource with which the citizens of the state have been endowed. The wetlands and watercourses are an interrelated web of nature essential to the adequate supply of surface and underground water; to hydrological stability and control of flooding and erosion; to the recharging and purification of groundwater; and to the existence of many forms of animal, aquatic and plant life.

The Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commission of the Town of Bridgewater was established on July 24, 1980. The Commission is charged with implementing the purposes and provisions of the “Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations” of the Town of Bridgewater and the “Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act” of the State of Connecticut.

It is the Commission’s belief that the preservation and protection of the wetlands and watercourses from random, unnecessary, undesirable, and unregulated uses, disturbance and destruction is in the public interest and is essential to the health, welfare and safety of the citizens of the state.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Lois Gilmore Land Use Coordinator
Russ Dirienzo Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer

Commission Members

Name Title
Lori Franklin Chairman
Jon Lindblom Vice Chairman
Louise Marble Secretary
Victor Nelson Member
Strother Purdy Member
Richard Miller Member
Jeffrey Jones Member
Eric Vikstrom Member
Chris Goodman Alternate
Dirk Feather Alternate