Notary Public Service

Notary Public service is available at the Town Clerk's Office and the Treasurer's Office. In accordance with the General Statutes the signer must provide the notary with at least two (2) forms of identification containing the individual's signature, at least one of which also contains the photograph of the signer, or a physical description (i.e. driver's license or passport). Please note: a Social Security card or Birth Certificate cannot be used as a form of identification.

The cost for each notary seal is $2.00

Please make sure that your documents are complete (with the exception of your signature). All dates and dollar amounts must be filled in. Please be advised that if you wish us to notarize your document we must see the entire document; if your document is confidential you may want to take it to an attorney to notarize.

The Town Clerk's Office does not provide the following services:

  • Witness Services
    • If your document also requires witnesses, you must bring your own witnesses with you. We do not witness documents.
  • Notarization of Documents in a Foreign Language
    • We cannot notarize documents written in a foreign language - we recommend that you contact the Secretary of State's Office, Notary Division, at (860) 509-6137, and request the name of a notary who can read your documents.
  • Notarization of Wills and Living Wills
    • We do not notarize Wills or Living Wills - we recommend that you have these documents notarized by the attorney.