Code of Ordinances

Local legislation current through December 31, 2022 (2023 S-4 Supplement)

Table of Contents

Title I


General Provisions


General Code Construction; General Penalty

Title III



 30Town Organizations
 31Fees, Tax and Finance
 32Officials and Employees
 33Town Funds
Title V Public Works
 50Septage Management
 51Sanitary Code
 52Recycling Regulations
 53Solid Waste; Refuse Collection
Title VII 

Traffic Code

 70Traffic Schedules
Title IX General Regulations
 90Streets and Sidwalks
 91Fire Alarm Systems
Title XI Business Regulations
 110Farm and Agriculture
Title XIII General Offenses
Title XV Land Usage
 150General Provisions
 151Wetlands Commission: Regulations
 152Open Space
 153Sign Regulations
 154Building Regulations
 155Flood Damage Prevention
  Table of Special Ordinances
  Table I: Streets and Highways
  Parallel References
  References to CT General Statutes
  References to Ordinances