Important Message From the First Selectman

There were more incidents of vehicle break-ins here in Bridgewater last night to early morning before dawn. At least six locations were involved where the perpetrators found cars unlocked and rifled through the contents to take anything of value.

This crime spree may be a sign of these times when many people are becoming unemployed. Our residents need to make sure your cars are not only locked, but also empty of valuables. Garages and sheds near town roads should also be secured.

I will be directing our police officers to take on night patrols. I have also informed the Resident State Trooper and his superiors to increase their presence. I strongly urge our citizens to look out for your neighbors and increase your own vigilance. You should report any suspicious activity to 860-355-9375 or to myself at 860-354-5250.

Curtis S. Read
First Selectman & Chief of Police
Bridgewater, CT