Permit Information: Burning / Driveway

How to Obtain a Burning Permit

Open burning is allowed in the Town of Bridgewater for brush. With the exception of burning in a grill or outdoor fireplace for cooking food or camping, you will need a permit to burn out-of-doors. Open burning rules are dictated by Connecticut General Statutes (Section 22a-174) and by the Department of Environmental Protection regulations (22a-264-17).

The CT DEEP publishes Information on Restrictions, Conditions, and Permitting of Open Burning on a Residential Property.

An Application for Burning Permit may be obtained in the First Selectman's office between 8:30am and 12:00pm Monday - Friday. 

  • Open Burning will not be allowed when the air quality is above 75 in any part of the state, click here to view air quality information.
  • A permit will not be issued if the forest fire danger is high (click here to view).
  • The Permit is valid for a resident only on his/her own property.
  • A permit is applicable only for the date range specified.

How to Obtain a Driveway Permit

Pursuant to the Town Ordinance of the Construction of Driveways, residents must apply for a permit to construct or make alterations to a driveway in the Town of Bridgewater. This Driveway Permit Application is available in the First Selectman’s office and must be accompanied by plans or drawings of the proposed work to be done. In addition, a fee of $10 is required at the time of application. If the driveway is new or being altered from its current state, a bond of $500 is required and will be returned upon the driveway’s completion and approval from the First Selectman. Copies of the Ordinance are available for purchase in the Town Hall.

How to Obtain a Drainage or Excavation Permit

If you are constructing any type of drainage system where drainage waters are to be discharged into existing storm drains in town roads, permission must be obtained from the Town of Bridgewater and an excavation permit may be required.

If you are doing any construction or drainage work that crosses under a town road, you must obtain a permit to do so from the First Selectman. If you have any questions, please call the First Selectman at (860) 354-5250.