Scholarship Application & Instructions

Please read the following important information before completing the scholarship application.

Completed Applications can be:
By filling out and signing the attached application, you certify that you have read and understand the following conditions.
  1. Your application and transcript must be postmarked or sent electronically by May 15, 2020. If you cannot get your transcript by that date because of your school, you must bring it with you at the time of your interview.

Note: Applications must be received by May 15, 2020 with or without your transcript.

  1. Your application must be completed and signed by you, not your parent or Guardian
  2. You must be signed up for your personal interview by May 15th. The signup sheet will be posted at Town Hall by March 15th and taken down on May 15th.

If your school schedule conflicts with the personal interview dates, we will accept a telephone interview. If this is the case, please let the committee know by May 15th so that a mutually convenient time for the telephone interview can be arranged (for one of the listed dates).

Please Note: All interviews will be conducted at the Burnham Library.

Once you have signed up, it is your responsibility to show up on time on the date you have selected. The committee will not reschedule you unless you can prove an emergency prevented you from coming.